Wednesday 18 May 2011

Vee's Show and Tell

I'm changing the meme The Great V Story to Vee's Show and tell.
Mainly for me making it over complicated! DOH

Lets try again. and keep it simple

Anything the kids have made done or achieved in the last week, it's welcome here and you can post 3 things per week.

V asked me to write down this story she made up. (she decided to be a daddy's girl tonight and be snugly and cuddly)

Once upon a time.
There was a little fish called flap. "Hello", Knock Knock, "Hello! I am a fish called flap with a small bicycle that goes beep beep"

Flap the Fish took me to a Butterfly's birthday party. I ask "Am I allowed in?"
"Yeah!" said the butterfly's friends, "lets have some fun!"

WE sang and danced and eated ladybird cake. mmmmm it's yummy daddy.

The End.

V's second offering is the following picture she took using Molome, This is the equivalent of Instagram for iOS devices. but for us people rocking Symbian Devices

I Feel Vee's got a good eye for photos at times,
especially when it comes to her sister! :)
Now We've shown and told you our bits today, it's your turn to share.

Have a fantastic day.



  1. I hope my post is suitable? It's a very proud Mum moment!

    Vee is a very clever little girl! You must be sooo proud!

  2. Of course it's fantastic hun.

    You should be so proud of your son. :)

    as for Vee, she has her moments x