Sunday 8 May 2011

Sats are coming.....

This is a little message to everyone who may be worrying about the sats that start today.
Good Luck, try not to worry and everything will be OK.

If struggling with things look at the following resources available.
Bitesize helped me when it was aimed at GCSE's originally, admittedly not a lot. But enough to get some GCSE's
Woodlands Junior School are well known for being a top resource which is referenced on many education sites and highly ranked on google. This site is designed for there pupils but will help many.

Here is a service with many links to previous exam papers to help everyone.

This one for me was important. Listening to music while revising. find your best albums, or your fave commercial, pirate or online stations.

This is important. Sleep well. It'll be to your advantage!

And. More importantly, whatever the grades of these dreaded exams, nobody will be disappointed, you will not have let anyone down! Just Stay calm and all will be ok.

This was a sats announcement from the strange daddy!

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Great post Paul, you are a very good Daddy. We were looking through BBC Bitesize & Woodlands website over the weekend. Most helpful x