Monday 25 April 2011

Nokia, Don't fail me again.....

Dear Nokia.

I Want to firstly congratulate you on making devices that fail within 4 months of ownership.

Now I could understand if your handsets were cheap £10 s40 devices., but devices with high monetary value should not be crammed full of faults.

for instance here are the issues with one device (click here for 81 pages of the same issues with many other users)

  1. Ending a call results in a "Not Allowed" Error, leaving the other caller to terminate the call
  2. Don't like a picture you've just snapped? Delete it to get "Camera in use"
  3. looking for free Wireless in Starbucks or Weatherspoons? Good luck with the "Hidden Wlan" getting in the way
  4. Heavy users? Give up as the keyboard fails if you dare to use multiple applications. resulting in reboot to fix (if the power button works, that is)
  5. Touchscreen likes to forget it's a touchscreen when using multiple applications, maybe this is why iOS suspends apps instead, still an enormous Fail!
  6. Inaccurate battery gauge. the moment you get to 5 or four bars your in low battery territory, but usually it stays on 1 bar for up to 8 hours in a day
  7. Phone rings. Lets hope it'll let you take the call, as it likes to hang as the ring begins.
  8. Need to use the keypad, but the phone is locked? Opening the slider will leave you waiting for anywhere up to 10 seconds so it can remember to unlock.

Now, Nokia suggests a software update. However the update caused many more problems, and as a result many people are stuck with £300 bricks, thankfully most were gifts for taking a contract with mobile networks. Also, we have been told a fix is on the way, but is still being investigated

Then it comes on to asking Nokia for help. ( I have a distrust of operators repair centres after 3uk cocked my E71 and caused more damage than it went in with)

It's usually better to ask the company as they may have the Firmware ready to release, and as they dislike bad press usually you get better service by talking on there social media pages.

They ignored me for over a month, until I had a rant, lo and behold they contact me. then the fun begins.

I explain the situation twice over the phone, to be told they'll call back. When they call back I'm told to use the on-line repair booking service.

Nokia seemed to misunderstand I'd already tried and once it was booked after 9 attempts with the page flopping.

now the device is finally ready to be shipped I'll say this to Nokia,

  1. Don't outsource customer support being called Mr Hocker after you politely explain how to say your surname.
  2. Spend some time fixing problems instead of concentrating on Anna or Windows phone devices.
  3. bring my phone back in a usable state please...............
  4. Leave customers happy!

I'll stop there or it'll turn into another rant


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