Thursday 14 April 2011

The Great V Story Time (video)

Today is the Third week of V's Story time
I am posting these here as a memento when she is older, and for other parents to get their children around the world.
There are rules though.
  • the content is not important. It could be a drawing, poetry, a story, or even a dream or song. provided it's their own creative mind's work. (videos are ok too)
  • The ages are 3-15 to give many young people a chance to join in
  • No pilfered material.
  • If posting on Twitter Please use the hashtag #StoryWithV when sharing content.
  • Please use the tools below to share the link with everyone here.

  • Also can you use the Image above to link back, using the the following Code

    Now Today We have a video - Dad Dad DAD DAAAAAAAD

    This Video was bought to you by My daughters, With a little help from Daddy! Now It's your turn to share.


    (p.s. Linking is not working so please link via a comment below)

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