Friday 11 March 2011

Yay to Babe in Arms. (Shop Local)

This week I had to replace V's cot bed mattress due to mould ingress. Aldwyck housing take note - your promised inspectors NEVER ARRIVED! - Go figure!

So i began the search, the usual suspects, Ebay, Mothercare, Kiddicare, Argos and Ikea (I’m still virgin to Ikea) and there was a common thing on each site. The dreaded delivery charges.

This bought the price up, anywhere from £30 to £40+, Also, using public transport to collect would be troublesome to boot, until I had a “ping” moment. More like a sensible moment

PAUL YOU MOOSE Babe In Arms Is on the high street!

Babe in Arms is a local family run shop, full to the brim with everything you could need from bump to toddler, including custom build beds, wardrobes all hand made by the owners. So you know it's going to be a one off for you!

When I phoned them I received all I needed to proceed the following day. The price and stock status., and a friendly person on the other end of the voice too.

The following morning, I called them and ran round there and picked the last one up and ended up chatting for 30 mins they are such a nice couple and ever so willing to please customers new and frequent.

I have to say they are so happy and friendly in there. After buying our FirstWheels buggy from them, even the after sales service is amazing, remembering we bought it, and offering to check if they could get replacement accessories for us where we broke the compartment underneath.

I’m going to go all out and be brutally honest here. I’m in love with there products and adore the friendly manner they have, also they offer bespoke hand made furniture in store made by the proprietors. They have some amazing hand built wardrobes on display to show the amazing craftsmanship they have.

I could go on for days about babe in arms, but I’ll go one better. Ask them yourselves.

Drop them a line on 01582529979 or mail them on

And if you wish to pop in on 118A & B high street south, Dunstable.

You seriously will not regret it for high quality and top service.

Shop local and get the best!


p.s. I am awaiting imagery now to upload on here for them. J

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