Tuesday 29 March 2011

The Great V Story Time

Today is the first of many stories from my daughter, V.
I am posting these here as a memento when she is older, and for other parents to get their children around the world.
There are rules though.
  • the content is not important. It could be a drawing, poetry, a story, or even a dream or song. provided it's their own creative mind's work.
  • The ages are 3-15 to give many young people a chance to join in
  • No pilfered material.
  • If posting on Twitter Please use the hashtag #StoryWithV when sharing content.
  • Please use the tools below to share the link with everyone here.

    (code was removed as it no longer works)
Now onto V's Story. (She's three so it's random)

once upon a time lady monster found a washing machine
she went round around in the washing machine. until she went flap, flap flap.

She got bored and blowed up washing machine man and sang worm at the bottom of my garden
worm likes strawberry button ice cream brain freeze makes funny face laugh

Theeeee End daddy!
Can I have a cheesy pasta with  L now?

This story was bought to you by My daugher, Now It's your turn to share.


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