Friday 19 November 2010

I Like building things for my kids!

YAY! Another project completed!

I've repaired the old mans Michelin Man bedroom light!

Basically this Michelin man was designed for my trucks, and passed on by my dad when he removed it from his F12! (Oh, I miss that Volvo F12)

Since then it was sat.... Doing nothing in the flat, until i decided to
re-purpose it again as a light again.
Now when i was given him. He was a dirty unloved thing, needing a lot of T.L.C. and i won't lie but I was worried about doing the job for fear of ruining him. (killing good memories of him on the truck)

In opening him up (the piece i removed was measured up for the light fixing) he was looking even worse inside. Damp and mould have got inside him. Poor Mich! None the less, a bit of bleach, oxy powder and plenty of gentle scrubbing he cleaned up a blinder!

He looks amazing, all tidied up and wired into 240V. And the kids love it. (i'll place a video up soon of Modge showing her excitement at the new light)

I feel like I've done something worthwhile for them, and they love it too!

Now most of my projects either blow up or fail some how, or have a flaw, this is not devoid of the 'hooker effect'

Mine is a simple flaw, I put the wrong energy saver bulb inside it, resulting in the darned thing being a little too hot. (Hot glue melts in low heat Failure)
Eventually i'll swap it to a smaller power bulb (9W over a 24W bulb)
But for now we'll leave it how it is.

What do you think? Would you re-purpose anything like this.

Paul! :D

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