Sunday, 1 December 2013

The day I met Pikachu!

Evening all.

Today me and Gus have journeyed from Luton to ZSL London Zoo to try the new Pokemon X&Y game for the Nintendo 3DS family of handheld consoles.

This to me is a new expereience as I'm used to playing Final Fantasy 3 on the original NDS. So this may turn into a mini review of the 3DS, 3DSxl and the new 2DS too.

The 3DS is the 3D capable console, selectable on the side by a switch. The XL is an enlarged variant of the 3DS and looks a bit more refined in comparison.

However the 2DS is console stripped of it's 3D technology, but compatible with all 3D games, just without the effects, it reminds me of the WiiU gamepad but smaller.

Now back to the Pokemon.

Pokemon X&Y, the newest addition to the Pokemon legacy, grown up so to speak from it's infancy on the original Gameboy to it's current literation with 3d battle scenes and intuitive worlds and online interaction with trading card trading with as many users as you want. As much as it's changed due to the advances in technology I assure you it's still the pokemon I remember and love.
The battles are fast paced and with 3d enabled the effect is not overpowering when considered to how some see it, in general Pokemon X&Y for the 3DS family is a fab game for all the family, the game has a PEGI rating of 7 but it seems to be more an advisory due to fantasy/cartoon violence and a there being a lot of reading. If your child has seen Pokemon on CITV and likes it your kids will love it!

Now onto the trading cards.

The card game is a battle style card game where you battle against your opponent using energy cards, assistance cards, evolving Pokemon and battling to the bitter end. It can be a fast paced game if you're an experienced player. But it's easy to understand, a noob like me can win easilly once it's explained. Gus remembers them well too, recalling his collection of 181 cards. The game is well thought out with the included mat to place your cards down correctly,

Overall today has been a poketastic day. And throw in the sights of London Zoo too and it's an epic day out with added father son bonding too!

If you want to see more images from our day out click here to view my FlickrPage!

Huge thanks to the team at The Pokemon company who invited us to play games.


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  1. We are gutted to not to have been able to attend and would have been great to see you. We now have 2Xs and 2Ys as we have now welcomed a 2DS to the family with our youngest.