Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Movember Vs School. End Result.

Evening mothertruckers.

Tonight I wish to update the situation between my son's school and the madness of movember and would value your opinions on this.

As a result of posting this blogpost previously about the situation We have been approached by the local press, which the story is available online here. I thought it fair I mention this to the school, so I choose the open evening as Gus was showing people around and at the time i felt the situation was being ignored.

I spoke to a member of staff who is doing movember and explained how other staff ignored my requests to speak to them before parents arrived. (they were busy so i was not going to ram it down their throats.

The same member of staff promised me he would speak to the management about sorting something out. Indeed he did sort something out.

On the 30th November the year eights are doing a movember mufti day full of false bearded goodness.
As for Gus. He is setting it up with a teacher. When it comes to shaving he's being defiant still and refusing to shave. After all I can't force him and according to some staff (this has come from Gus, I DID NOT HEAR THIS) They probably couldn't stop him anyway.

The school have also mentioned that facial hair comes under hair styles, I still do not understand what this means for young people who wish to grow facial hair for religious purposes as the school would not comment on this.

I still disagree with this myself as it's like saying "YOU MUST CONFORM DIFFERENT IS BAD" being different is great in this world. taking that from young people will only strip them of their confidence.

Again fair do's to the school for coming to a compromise of sorts. It's a shame the press getting involved sparked this off. and they have not sat with me and discussed it. After all this could happen again in the future.

For now let's move on and roll on movember 2013. Bring on the Mo's, fellow Bros.


I wish to get one thing straight before a few people jump on (it happens) and say the following .

I respect the wishes of the school. This would not have happened if they had handled it differently. And by that i mean let me book an appointment with them to discus it. In fact discussing it would have made the process easier and more simple to work out.
I would have wholeheartedly agreed to Gus not joining in with movember if they had originally said he could not do it but we could do a fundraiser for the event, as they do monthly charity of the month fundraisers.

I am sorry it came to this. But the school refused to talk to me properly about it.
The school has been un-named throughout this, but that will change in the press tomorrow, NOT ON THE BLOG. I have no control over that. I have also kept things civil, as I do have a lot of time for the school and the support they give to pupils, parents and the community around them. If at any time something here sounds like an attack against the school I apologize. That is not the case.


  1. It's not a perfect result, but a result nonetheless.

    Our primary school are joining in - 4 year olds with painted on mooeys - hilarious!

  2. Hello Paul. I've just read the article about your son, Movember and his draconian school. I just wanted to pledge my support to you (and Gus) as it totally astounds me in this day and age that a young lad's initiative can be treated in such a manner. I've read your post on your blog and would totally agree with all you've said. My work as a counsellor is linked to encouraging people to accept their differences and be proud of that. I've personally decided to write to the school and make them aware of my displeasure at their 'strange' stance. I have never done this sort of thing before, but I was disgusted by such a childish stance of the school. Feel free to write back to me if you wish - empowerment@btinternet.com

    All the best, John Sayer from Dudley in the West Midlands.